Read Genesis 1

* " God created" in verse one is very important, because if you believe this verse you will have no problem with the rest of the Word.
* Each day of creation God said, "It is Good!" 
We are created in the image of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He created us and called us good, "indeed, very good!"
* Let God organize your life and it will be very Good.

  Read Genesis 2

* God finished his work on the sixth day, then rested on the 7th, not because he was tired, but rather He rested to show His creating work was done.

* The 7th day was blessed and sanctified by God as a gift to man to rest and replenish!

* God's original plan for marriage was created in the Garden. Gen. 2

* Understand that good marriages take time and work

* We must be naked and unashamed before God with nothing to hide, because He gave His only Son for us!

  Read Genesis 3

*  Fact: Satan is crafty and will use his craftiness to undermine the Word of God
He always uses the truth mixed with the deception, so be on guard!

* Adam told Eve not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
We need to pay attention to what our husbands tell us because the out come could affect generations

*Satan uses three tactics to make the believer fall - Genesis 3:6
Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life - 1 John 2:16

  Read Genesis 4

* Both Cain & Abel brought sacrifices (v. 2-5) - The difference is the attitude in which it was given. Cain's was given out of his own pride, not in faith. Abel's was given in faith trusting in God and believing in who God is. Read James 2:20
* God did not respect Cain's offering but gave him a chance to make it right (v. 6). The Lord always gives us a chance to make things right with Him. Repentance is a powerful thing. we cannot lie to God, He knows the motives of our hearts. Read Proverbs 16:2.
* The blood of Abel cried out to God as an unpunished murder that defiled the land. The blood of Jesus also speaks, but it speaks of better things. It speaks of Grace and Mercy, of sin having been judged - this sacrifice is what will set you free!
* Cain was sent out from the presence of the Lord to be a fugitive and a vagabond. (v. 13-15) This represents the life of the sinner who is apart from God. There will never be any permanent rest in our lives without Jesus. Our peace comes from being in the presence of the Lord!

  Read Genesis 5:1 - 6:8

Gems from Chapter 5:
* It is not sexist or gender biased to call the human race by the general heading 'Mankind' because God does this in the beginning.
* There are many in the genealogy of Adam. The highlight this week focuses on Enoch - he was different because the Bible tells us he walked with God. 
Walking with God means walking by faith. Read 2 Corinthians 5:7
Walking with God means walking in the Light. Read 1 John 5:7
It means Walking in Agreement with God. Read Amos 3:3

Read Genesis 6:1-8
* God is a compassionate God, but time is short Ladies. Read Matthew 24:37 and compare it to the world around us today. 
* Get it right and walk with God, so that you can find Grace in the Eyes of the Lord.

  Read Genesis 6:9 - 7:24

* Noah was a righteous man and lived a righteous life. He was not corrupted by what was going on around him. He chose to follow God unlike the entire population of the Earth.  Vs. 9

* Noah was given a job by God. In verse 14 God tells Noah, “Make Yourself” an ark. This job was given directly to Noah. Noah was responsible to see it through even though they had never seen a day of rain, and God did not tell him why he was to make the ark until verse 17.  Ladies, what an example for us. God gave Noah this huge job and we do not find anywhere in the Bible that he complained or rebelled. He simply obeyed. Vs. 22

* Vs. 13-16 –Noah preached for 120 years and no one listened.  God shut the doors. Noah did not have to shut the door on anyone’s salvation. God did it. Ladies we do not disqualify people from salvation, the Lord does that. We are to continually share the mercy and grace of God  to those around us.

  Read Genesis 8 & 9

* When Noah got off the Ark, the first thing he did was sacrifice and worship God
We must Thank and Worship God when he brings us through the storms and we are still standing!
* A Sacrifice is not a sacrifice if it costs you nothing.
Today, you are called to be a living sacrifice to God. Read Romans 12:1.
* Serving God is your reasonable sacrifice because He gave His only Son to save you! Eph. 5:2
Examine your life this week... Are you laying down yourself for the kingdom of God. 
* God gives us promises to remind us that His word is true. Every time it rains, you see God's reminder of his Word.

  Read Genesis 11 & 12

* After the flood, the people came together to build a tower. God was not happy with this decision and so began the scattering of all people.  Vs. 11:1-9

* Abram marries Sarai. We find that Sarai was barren at this point.

* Abram came from a family of idol worshippers.  Ladies, we all come from different backgrounds. Abrams family was a bit messed up, he was not raised a believer in the one true God. The key here is that God chose Abram. Vs. 12:1; Just like Abram God chose you and me. We must rise to the occasion and become who God chose us to be.

* Vs. 12:4 Abram finally leaves and obeys God. He goes out in faith to the new land. When he gets to the land, God reminds him of the promises.  Vs. 12:7-9

* Abram asks his wife to lie. Vs. 12:11-13 trusting in his plot instead of God’s plans.

* God blessed Abram in spite of himself, because, ladies, God is in the business of growing Abram into a man of faith. Ladies, God is still in the business of growing his children into men and woman of faith. We just need to trust and obey.

  Read Genesis 13 & 14

* Abraham finally gets it right and goes back to the place that God had originally called him. His time in Egypt. When we are disobedient there is always a cost, and that mistake in Egypt almost cost him his wife, his reputation, not to mention that Sarai was in danger of committing adultery.

* When Abraham got back to the place God called him, instead of torturing himself about his past sin, he moved forward and got busy for God. God wants us to walk in our first love and our first works. He has called you for a reason. Get busy for God.

* Lot lifted his eyes and saw the good land, and chose the best for himself. Lot made this choice based on his eyes, never thinking of what might happen when he planted himself in Sodom.
2 Corinthians says, "We walk by faith, not by sight." When we walk by sight and not by faith... We are blinded ladies to the things of God.Vs. 10-13

* Abram was called to check out the land, God's promise to him. North, South, East and West. God wanted him to see the promise in full. Like Abram, God wants us to check out the promises to us. They way we do that is to know his Word cover to cover. (our North, South, East and West) His Word is full of promises to those who know Him and love Him. Vs. 14-15

* Abram refused the spoils so that no man could take the glory from God. 14:21-24. Ladies, it is much better to follow God's wisdom so that when success comes, He gets the glory, and it is evident to everyone around you that it was HIS work in your life!

  Read Genesis 15 & 16

*Abram just killed 5 kings, and now Abram is afraid. Vs. 15:1.  God has to remind him by saying, “Do not be afraid”. You see ladies, God has an answer to all of our needs. When you need a shield, He is your shield.  When you have a need, He will meet that need.
* God reminds Abram of His promises to him. Vs.15:4-5.
* Key here is that Abram believed the Lord, and it was accounted to him as righteousness. Vs. 15:6 Abram did not just believe IN God, He BELIEVED God. 
* Sarai takes measures into her own hands, and give Abram his maidservant Hagar. Vs. 16:3-4
* Terrible and complicated things arise out of our sin, bottom line ladies, we must trust that God has the right plan and He has the right timing of that plan. We must seek the Lord and not run ahead and make our own plan to help God.
* Hagar runs, God sends her back and she goes! Vs. 16:9-16. God was with Hagar in the wilderness, God is with us when we are in the wilderness of our lives alone and afraid, but God is still with us!  Even though our flesh wants to run away, God still has good promises waiting for us. It is not a change of climate ladies; it is a change of heart!
* God wants to demonstrate his power exactly where we are!  

  Read Genesis 17:1 - 18:16

* God asks Abram to walk blameless. This literally means, to “walk whole.” Vs. 17:1. The same goes for us ladies, God wants ALL of us. We must walk whole and be truly committed to wholeheartedness!
* God changes Abram’s name to Abraham.  As a believer you have a new name too. Saint, Chosen, Royal, Daughter of God, Redeemed!
* God makes a covenant with Abraham. He is to circumcise he whole house. Vs. 17:9-14. Today as believers we are free to circumcise or not.  Today read Galatians 5:6. It is the circumcision of the heart that makes a true difference in the life of the believer.
* Vs. 18:11-15 – Sarah laughed. We find there is nothing hidden from God. He knows our inner thoughts. Sarah laughed because she was looking at only human possibilities. She wasn’t looking at God.  Is there anything to hard for God, Ladies? Read Eph. 3:20

  Read Genesis 18:17 - 19:38

* Read Vs. 18:17-26: Abraham speaks to the Lord and becomes an intercessor for the people in Sodom and Gomorrah.  We too can become an intercessor for those who are lost. Today we become intercessors through prayer.  When you have a heart full of compassion and sorrow for the lost, each of us must intercede on their behalf and be bold.
* The outcome in an intercessors life is sometimes the very act of intercession that God uses to grow us. God knew the outcome for Sodom and Gomorrah, but he had a plan to continue to grow Abraham because he was going to lead a Nation and needed to have the ability to intercede on behalf of the people. Read 18:27-33
* Lot was a believer, (2 Peter 2:7-8) but he lived a compromised life. We see a steady progression of his compromise in Gen. 13:10 (looking at Sodom), Genesis 13:12 (Pitching his tent toward Sodom), Gen. 14:12 (taken captive, as a resident of Sodom)  He still did not get out of there, instead he sat at the gates of Sodom and became a part of the city. Gen. 19:1
* Ladies, the longer we dwell in the world, the more we become like those in the world. No one will tell the difference between the believer and unbeliever and when the enemy comes, and we call a warning, no one will listen because our testimony has become a laughing matter! Vs. 19:12-14
* Lot’s wife looked back at what she was leaving, she was conflicted. She lingered, not really sold out for the Lord, having a hard time letting go of her past and she paid with her life. Vs. 19:15-23
* Ladies, we must be sold out for Jesus. Ready to move when the Lord says go. You see ladies, Lot’s compromised life cost him his family, they did not believe because of his testimony. Vs. 19:24
* Ladies, take a check… Are you too much in the world to be happy in the Lord, or too much in the Lord to be happy in the world?  Take the steps today to get it right with the Lord!

  Read Genesis  20:1 - 21:7

* Abraham lands in Gerer and instead of trusting God to keep his family together, Abraham devised his own plans and asks his wife Sarah to say that she is his sister. Vs. 1-2 We must be aware ladies, We as human have patterns, we are creatures of habits, and we simply find it easier to step backward instead of going forward with our walks with the Lord. We must learn to trust in God, no matter the circumstance.

* Abimelech Rebukes both Sarah and Abraham. Vs. 8-13 Abraham should have apologized to Abimelech and repented to God. Instead of excuses, His response to both Abimelech and God, should have been forgive me! Ladies, when we are wrong and someone from the world rebukes us, we must repent instead of giving excuses, because it will tarnish our reputation and our walk with the Lord.

* Chapter 21 – The promised son finally arrives. Vs. 21:2-7 You see ladies, when God fulfills His promises, they are better than we ever hoped for and always more than we ever asked for! Abraham and Sarah had to wait 25 years for this promise. While waiting they had to grow in faith and humility and complete trust in the Lord.

  Read Genesis  21:8 - 22:24

*There is conflict between the child of promise and the child of the flesh. Vs 21:8-11
Read Galatians 4: 22-29 as it describes for us a spiritual application of this conflict between Isaac (the son born of the promise) and Ishmael (the son born of the flesh).
Ladies we are children of the promise and we have no room in our life for the fleshly things. There is to be no reconciliation of the flesh with the spirit. There can be no peaceful coexistence. The flesh must simply be put away forever.
*Abraham is tested again. Vs. 22:1-14 This was not so much a test to produce faith, as it was a test to reveal faith. God built Abraham slowly, piece by piece, year by year, test by test, into a man of faith. Ladies, God is doing the exact same thing in our lives. Piece by piece, test by test, faith by faith to make us into Women of Faith and obedience, women who put all their trust in the Lord.